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Ordering Books & Audio:

  • Enlightenment for Beginners
  • Looking for God (Seeing the Whole in One)
  • Seeds for the Soul 
  • The Way IT Is
For Individuals:

Order directly from Sentient Publications in Boulder, Colorado
Call toll free:   1-866-588-9846
or order through any online bookseller 
(e.g., etc.)

For Bookstores:

Order through National Book Network, Ingram, New Leaf, Baker & Taylor 
or through an of the other major distributors.

Bookstores can also contact Sentient Publications in Boulder, Colorado
Call toll free:   1-866-588-9846
The Magic King (for kids ages 3-8)
Order at this link:
Audio CD of Seeds for the Soul
(narrated by the author)  
For instant download or to buy the Mp3 CD, go to this link:

Order Other Media

Living in the WOW! Presentation (95 min)

“Living in the WOW!” is an amazing new DVD presentation that explores some of the mind-bending implications of looking at (and living in) the everyday world from a non-dualistic perspective.  Non-dualism suggests that ALL perceived separation is really only an incredible illusion.  This program will help you to discover how to live a fully realized life by becoming the “Awakened-Dreamer.

Click HERE to Read The Reviews of "Living in the WOW!"


Buy the DVD for $15.00 (+ $4 shipping and handling).


DVD of LEAP Finale    

Along with other well-known teachers and authors, Chuck was interviewed for the revolutionary new movie, Leap Finale.

You can purchase the DVD of Leap Finale for $25.00 
(includes shipping and handling)    

Click Here to view the trailer

DVD of Enlightenment for Beginners.  
(called “The Meaning of Life in 13 Minutes”) 
Available for $12.00  (includes shipping and handling.) 

CD-ROM of Enlightenment for Beginners
Available for PC computers only.   (Sorry, no Macs!)
Only $12.00  (includes shipping and handling)

N.B.   Please order all DVDs and CD-ROMs directly from the Author.   

Send your personal check to:
Chuck Hillig
609 Confederate Drive
Locust Grove, VA  22508