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Who is Chuck Hillig?

By: Laren Bright
Los Angeles, CA
There’s just something about Chuck Hillig that draws you to him.  Maybe it’s the warmth of his voice or the twinkle in his eye.  Or maybe it’s because he can explain the mysteries of the universe in such a simple way that you have to nod you head and say, “Well, of course.  I knew that.”

It’s almost tempting to say that he’s part Ram Dass, part Alan Watts, part this sage or that guru.  But that’s just not fair. He’s just all, well…Chuck Hillig.  He knows who he is and, because of that, he knows who you are, too.   And because he really knows it, he transmits that knowledge in his books and his talks and, truth be told, just in his being around you…if you’re open to it.

Chuck’s presentation is light and casual.   But don’t let that fool you. He communicates volumes in a single sentence of just a few words.  When you hear what he has to say, you walk away with a wealth of awareness. Yet despite the sheer weight of what you get, it’s not a burden at all.  In fact, you feel lighter.  With over four decades of spiritual studies, and nearly that long in practice as a therapist, Chuck stands on a solid foundation of psychological knowledge and spiritual experience.  Yes, he talks about heady subjects, but he has a knack for turning them from philosophical treatises into practical applications for being happier, healthier and more whole.  

Most importantly, he walks his talk, and that makes him even more powerful and effective.  He is an engaging writer whose books you can breeze through in a few hours and then spend the rest of your lifetime thinking about and applying.

He’s a fascinating Speaker whose talks leave your soul singing. He’s a compassionate counselor who has a gift, not so much for taking your burdens from you, but for showing you, as you travel along the path of your life, how to  set them down and leave them behind. As with all good teachers, (and that’s maybe the best description of Chuck, though not one he might choose for himself),  Chuck doesn’t jam the information down anyone’s throat.  He lovingly beckons awareness from where it’s been hiding inside of us.  He doesn’t tell us what we don’t know; instead, he reminds us of what we’ve forgotten.    

He’s one of those rare individuals who can do that with a smile or a glance. And for those who don’t get it from just that, he has written some truly extraordinary books (now in five languages), gives enlightening talks and is available for professional consultations.    

Chuck Hillig makes his home in Locust Grove, Virginia, and has one heck of a good time living life.   You can contact him at: