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Enlightenment Quartet: Book IV

The Way IT Is

Read All About.....“IT”

Have you ever noticed just how often you use the word “IT” in a sentence? (“It is snowing.” “It was amazing.” “It can’t be helped.”)   Well, my new book The Way IT Is suggests that there might be a whole lot more to this simple little word than you may have thought. Maybe you’re constantly using the word “IT” to indirectly remind yourself of the much greater truth of Who-You-Really-Are. Maybe, in fact, this word “It” is actually referring to the very largest context in which the entire universe is now appearing.

In short, maybe “IT” is...what IS !!!

The Way IT Is is a very playful inquiry into the fundamental nature of Reality.   Using the simple word “IT” as a substitute for the many esoteric “buzz words” that are often used to describe God-Spirit-Oneness, the Author invites the Readers to embark on a light-hearted journey of Self-discovery.

Paperback: 112 pages
Sentient Publications
ISBN:  9781-59181-071-1

Your Price:  $14.95

Reviews and Endorsements

"The Way It Is: Realizing the Truth About Everything" is a guide  to using that piece of wisdom in almost every aspect of life.  Combining aspects of self-discovery, eastern religion, philosophy  and modern psychology, "The Way It Is" seeks to answer questions  such as the existence of free will, good and evil, and how one  improves themselves. An ideal book of spirituality and philosophy,  highly recommended for community library spirituality collections.”  Midwest Book Review
"I love It. This book is a beautiful expression of It expressing Itself to It.  Good fun! I shall certainly recommend It." Sailor Bob Adamson (What's Wrong with Right Now Unless You Think  about It?)
"An easy one-day read which tells the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. Delightful!" Bhava (Enlightenment Intensives Retreats)
"The Way IT Is is a true spiritual masterpiece! You may not need to read another spiritual book."
Jeff Hutner (Editor of New Paradigm Digest)

"That's IT! I've really enjoyed It, and I'll never think of It the same way again."
Jeremiah Jeff Love (Enlightenment Intensives Retreats)

"This is a very unique and effective contribution to non-dual literature. Highly recommended."
Jerry Katz (Owner of
"Once again, you show us your gift of putting major subjects into a simple and direct language. Nobody ever has put It so directly and clearly."
Jan Kersschot (Coming Home)
"You are one of the rare authors who still gives commentaries and not only critical ones. Do it also when you will be famous …if it's your path to be famous."
Alf Luechow (German publisher of nondual literature)
"Chuck Hillig says "IT" plainly, insightfully, lucidly and with enviable humor."
Mark McCloskey (
"Don't be deceived! Chuck Hillig's books look friendly and harmless, but they are swords…and they are deceptively sharp! He writes serious books and they belong in the arsenal of every serious seeker."
Jed McKenna (Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing)
"In discovering what "IT" is, you'll find yourself embarking on a voyage of self-discovery and gleaning some insights about God, Spirit and Oneness." Book Review Editor (Mensa Bulletin)
"Sometimes big wonders come in small packages…like Chuck Hillig's wonderful little book on enlightenment…The Way IT Is."
Dan Millman (The Way of the Peaceful Warrior)
"When I first came across Alan Watts' statement that 'This is it,' I was confounded. What could 'It' be? Had I read Hillig's little gem first, I would have saved myself a lot of frustration. Hillig is a master of IT. He shows us that IT is here and everywhere. In fact, you cannot exist without IT...even if you don't know what IT means! I highly recommend that you read all about IT."
Kriben Pillay, Ph.D. (Editor of The Noumenon Journal)

"Nice job of explicating It on the conceptual level. It's a clever use of It and could even serve to crack the defensive door of the conceptual self." Maurice F. Taylor (Owner of Radical Consciousness)
"I love your books! They're so simple and complete and happy. Real gems." Joan Tollifson (Bare-Bones Meditation)
"It's a marvelous little book. Congratulations! You have done a ONE-derful job!"
Nitin Trasi, Ph.D. (The Science of Enlightenment)
"This book is a gentle, friendly guide for understanding and enjoying "It," …your own true identity, and is a powerful tool of spiritual awakening. Strongly recommended.
Dennis Trunk  (Owner of 3rd Millennium Gateway)
"Chuck has written a very clear, well-written low key update of Alan Watts. It's a very good read and It gets four thumbs up!"
Gregory Tucker, Ph.D. (Owner of The Spirit Works)