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The Magic King

Suitable for Kids 3-8

About this book…

This is the magical story of a young King who lives all by himself in a wonderful kingdom. In order to stop feeling bored, he decides to create for himself a dream world filled with interesting characters and mesmerizing distractions. After he sees how much fun everyone is having in his imaginary world, he puts on a disguise and joins the players for himself. However, as he gets more and more entranced by his own drama, he slowly forgets that he's only been playing a fascinating game with himself, and that he's actually the One-and-Only King who has created It all!

A magical, enchanting allegory for Kids of all Ages!

"A beautiful spiritual journey! I certainly have something to learn from the Author."   Deepak Chopra  (Quantum Healing)

Paperback: 30 pages
Black Dot Publications
ISBN:  1-4120-3345-4

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