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Enlightenment Quartet: Book II

Looking for God (Seeing the Whole in One)

This extraordinary book has a one-inch hole drilled through the exact center of each of the 136 pages. The Author uses the spatial emptiness of the void to share a profound and universal Truth that can, in fact, only be discovered within. By pointing to the empty hole on each of the pages, the Author is also pointing to the empty void in the center of you, too. A unique journey into the (w)holeness that lies at the core of Being itself. Look inside... and touch the Void.

Paperback: 150 pages
Sentient Publications
ISBN:  978-1-59181-059-9

Your Price:  $15.95

Reviews and Endorsements

“This is a fabulous book -- utterly simple and right to the (pointless) point -- written with the lightness and humor so characteristic of GOD.    If I could recommend only one spiritual book, this could well be it.   This is quintessential Chuck Hillig…delightful and enlightening.”
Joan Tollifson, Author/Teacher
Awake in the Heartland
Novel, entertaining, and straightforward, Looking for God is a celebratory, uncompromising description of Source, Truth, non-dual reality.  Richly illustrated with explosive lettering, and a one-inch hole (representing the Void, the Source) drilled through the center from cover to cover, this book will be enjoyed and valued by anyone driven to explore the intuition of what their true nature is."

Jerry Katz, Owner & Editor
"Chuck Hillig's newest book makes the illusive interplay of nondual realization playfully "jump right out at you."   The experience of seeing the "whole in ONE " is presented in provoking and entertaining ways.  This is a fun and highly artful experience of the dueling-nondual landscape.”
Ronda LaRue, Author/Teacher
Remembering Who You Really Are
“In Looking for God, Chuck Hillig’s simple and profound gem of a book, the reader is led on a journey from the mundane to the profound.  The result is a light at the end of the tunnel of confusion and despair.   This book is a gift to humankind.”

Jeff Hutner
Documentary Producer
“Your book is in line with all of the really great sages and seers. It is simple and most profound.”

Sailor Bob Adamson, Author/Teacher
“Another work of genius! You amaze us by your talent, your writings skill and originality.”  

Jan Kersschot, M.D., Author/Teacher
Coming Home
“If you have been looking for a clever, creative, profound, witty book on Enlightenment, look no further. Chuck Hillig's new book Looking for God: Seeing the Whole in One may be just what you are looking for!   With howls of laughter, and profound wisdom, it is entertaining and great for gifts.”
Audrey Carr, Editor
“Thank you, Chuck, for yet another totally delightful work of true spiritual genius. Looking for God is rich and full with abso-lute Truth, mature insight, whimsical serendipity, and real LOVE.  My wife and I relished it completely."
Timothy Conway, Ph.D., Author/Teacher
Women of Power & Grace
How does one point at Reality? How does one describe It? How does one show how to get There? Right, one can't.  Chuck Hillig, though, comes awfully close in his latest book.  In a concise, easy-to-read and careful manner he manages, yet again, to take the reader on a journey where "Who's looking" and "Who's God" can be found in the empty hole that's staring the reader in the face. If you're looking (pun intended), this is the book to get.”
Jan Willem Bol, Ph.D.
“This book has a 1-inch hole through its center. That might seem like a publisher's gimmick, but the hole is the core of Chuck's message: Like the *hole*, your true nature is formless clarity. Like the *whole*, you are complete, lacking nothing. Hole as fullness, whole as emptiness. The first half of the book is like a guided meditation, allowing you to grok how this clarity is actually your present experience. The second half of the book is a potpourri of puns, quotes from world teachers, and illustrations that provide visual metaphors for the hole as whole-ness. Chuck writes with infectious good cheer, like a sagely best friend who happens to be a tour guide. Because of the book's clever construction, it becomes sculpture as well as text, and deconstructs dualisms of inner vs. outer, self vs. other, and part vs. whole. (W)holely recommended!”
Gregory F. Goode, Ph.D.
Philosophical Counselor
“The text and illustrations in this book revolve around its empty center, which is represented by a hole through the heart of the book. This hole symbolizes the whole; much like the mysterious void or emptiness in Buddhism sustains the fullness of life. In his usual playful style, reminiscent of the late Alan Watts, the author points the reader to her own center, beyond concepts, beyond religion and, most of all, beyond belief.”
Leo Hartong, Author
Awakening to the Dream
“Never failing to appeal to our very humanness, Chuck's book takes the seemingly impossible subject of awakening and delivers a delightful and w(hole)-hearted message that anyone can receive. This is Divine Whimsy and (W) holiness at its very finest!”

Shahastra, Author/Artist
“What a unique and wonderful book!! In a fresh, creative way, this author uses the hole in the center of the book to help readers think about who they really are, what life is about, and what we're all doing here. But it's all done with a sense of humor and fun. Very unique, and it's a perfect gift.  Get this book!  You'll love it!”
J. Wynn, Ph.D.
The Creative Toolbox
“Understanding life and its meaning eludes us if we continually search for it because understanding and meaning come from within. Living in nothingness allows us to continually find pleasure in the present without the concerns of the past. Chuck's work provides a formula and inspires me to continually learn to live in the present. I will continue to look in the (W)hole and see God in myself.”
Richard Sherbel, Author
Life Moves on for the Living
“Once again, Chuck Hillig has delivered another winner of a book. This latest offering is a perfect complement to the others he's written, dealing with the same theme of non-dualism. I believe this one is his best and most creative to date, however. He cleverly uses an actual hole in the book in various pictures to make very astute observations about "looking for God". I've never seen anything like it! I definitely recommend this book for anyone on the spiritual path who's looking for a whole new way of seeing. You're in for a treat.”
Chimene Lee, Advaitin
“Every book on enlightenment attempts to put the wordless experience into words. They all succeed, and they all inevitably fall short. Chuck Hillig has once again found a creative and innovative way of giving us a glimpse of the infinite, while the superfluities fall through the hole in the center of the book. He has nearly written the perfect book on this subject.”

Steve Linsky, Ph.D.
“Looking for God offers a rare mix of whimsy and profundity that renders the reader torn between slowing down to savor it, and hurrying to give it to a loved one. Most enlightening!”
Lonny J. Brown, Ph.D.
Enlightenment Project
The bliss-void that is one with the whole universe is ever present.  But this delightful and totally accessible book by Chuck Hillig makes it even more so!  In Looking for God, you will discover the experience of no-thing-ness that is inseparable from everything we experience. Read it and you will be illuminated."
Peter Fenner, Author
Essential Wisdom Teachings
The Edge of Certainty
“There's probably no one else who explains the subject more clearly and simply, and with as much wit and insight. Repeated readings will reveal not only how very rich, varied and condensed the contents truly are, but also all of the subtleties and the sub-themes that Chuck teasingly lobs your way. They all tempt you to inquire further into discovering your nondual nature. If true spiritual wisdom is what you're looking for, you're in luck. This book is packed with wise and enlightening insights.”

Dennis L. Trunk, Editor

3rd Millennium Gateway
“This is a magical presentation of the 'Whole Truth of the Void'. This is a gentle meditation, not a mere reading. This gives a vision on how "YOU" and "Others" which constitutes the 'Many-ness' can know its OWN 'One-ness' in/with the Void. The author says that all that can be done is just to sit quiet. The Truth will set "YOU" free. The well stringed thoughts and quotes on "polarities", the "play", and "awakening" will push one to know the Truth or "be" the Truth if one is already "searching"; If not this is a great beginning in one's life. ??The Truth is very simple. The practical dimension of Truth in day-to-day life is what is needed. The method of conveying itself has made the message complicated. Also, the mind cannot get it. So, whatever is/be said, if one tries to understand by mind, there is no hope of understanding the import of the message. But, still we have no alternate mechanism, and we have to use only words and mind. In such a critical situation how to convey this message in as simple words and as few words as possible. This is a challenge. Chuck Hillig does a wonderful job here.”

Srikrishna Ghadiyaram, Advaitin
“Looking for god? Seeing the whole in one? What words are there to arise from everything and nothing to point to this pointing this non-person chuck does with this apparent thing called a book? Who am I to say? What is there to say that chuck has not said? Nothing. Well maybe this: Yes! I want to write a review but I can't think of a blessed or damned thing to say. I am left with nothing and that is all, literally that is all. That is everything and nothing expressed with wit.

And without pretending for a single blessed damn moment to be anything…not EVEN anything called No Thing (!)

Entire book Ingested and then discharged in a mighty guffaw here.  Nothing is better than Nothing. This is as good as it gets! Expressing that which cannot be said That is all Love IS Just Yes! Freakin' One-Derful”

Charlie Hayes, Advaitin
“In Looking for God, Chuck Hillig delightfully and creatively points the way to the non-dualistic Truth of who and what we really are, using dualistic words and illustrations. The use of the hole in the center of the book is a wonderful reminder to see not only the emptiness in everything, but the everything-ness that is included in the emptiness.”

AHAM The Association of Happiness for All Mankind
“In a wonderful, entertaining and enlightening way, Chuck Hillig has crafted here a book of immense clarity. Drawing on his own inspiration and that of numerous wise writers and teachers from the past, he points clearly to the (w)hole truth underlying all appearance. In terms of 'non-duality' there is in Chuck's writing a refreshing absence of dogma that is often present in many modern writers and teachers on the subject, who appear to have not yet understood that words can never grasp that which is beyond words. In Chuck's writing there is an open, almost celebratory, quality, full of humour and mischief. One is reminded a little of Douglas Harding in this respect. The hole in the middle of the book (an unusual feature in a book, let's be honest!) could allow it to fit on your key ring, or to be hung up with your coat ... but, instead, it is a novel reminder of the emptiness of everything that you think you are ... and the emptiness that is your true nature.”

Roy Whenary, Author/Teacher
The Texture of Being“I like this book. Its pervading flavour is of having a lot of fun - and it's nice to be put at ease and invited to come and play. It's much easier to glean insight when you're at ease, rather than wrestling with the zillion imaginary things the anxious mind wrestles with. The book's only potential stumbling block could be a compromising of nondualistic precision in favour of all-inclusiveness (the book covers a very broad, eclectic spectrum of narratives - Shakespeare, Einstein, Lao Tzu...). However, as it happens, this stumbling block doesn't materialise, because whenever slight imprecisions are indulged - the overall strongly nondualistic message of the text re-appropriates the deliberate "slur" in its real precise terms. And anyway, the hole in the centre of the book (which in keeping with the all-pervading playfulness of the text re-constitutes the book as a sort of board-game!) is the ultimate expression of this text: forget the words... fall into the void - it says! And, along the way, the dipping into all manner of cultures and forms creates a warm, affectionate feeling of communal intimacy - which is its own appeal and beauty. All in all, it is a lovely, imaginative, gently informative read. "Hillig" never gives the impression of being high-and-mighty, superior, he just sounds like he likes to play and make friends - friendships constituted in ecstatically sharing truth. The narrator-reader relationship in this text IS a friendship - and that's so valuable when trying to share something ineffable.”

Guy Smith, Author/Teacher
This is Unavoidable and Unimaginable
“Spirit moves through each of us uniquely. When we try to describe the essence of being, therefore, our descriptions will always have a distinct flavor. I love Chuck's flavor - playful, wise, lyrical - as it permeates this lovely book. So many people are stymied by advaita, or non-duality, and an accessible, speedy read like this can be just the thing to drop them into their own well of knowing and not knowing. And from there, a lifetime of inquiry may take root.”

Raphael Cushnir, Author/Teacher
“This book is a lighthearted and amusing romp through the mysterious and profound exploration of life’s most important question: “Who is behind your own eyes?”

Arjuna Ardagh, Author
The Translucent Revolution, Relaxing into Clear Seeing, How About Now and The Last Laugh. Founder of the Living Essence Foundation
“The book inspired in me what I already know. But more importantly that darn (W)hole is obviously such a good metaphor for awakening that knowingness in me, that it continues to draw me into the nothingness of the (W)holeness and the (W)holeness of the Nothingness wherever and whenever I put my attention on it. It is quite a pleasing, pleasurable and an utterly delightful sense of truth. The (W)hole in the book amplifies that Truth that I can't speak of without degenerating into what seems to me to be platitudes and clichés. I think the best I can do is to open my mouth wide and let the silence of that (W) hole speak for itself.”

Jack Wexler, Ph.D.
Enlightenment Intensives