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Enlightenment Quartet: Book I
Enlightenment for Beginners

Awakening to the core Truth:  “All separation in an illusion.”

Enlightenment for Beginners is the simple story about how (and why) you've been cleverly imagining yourself to be only a separate and limited Being. After identifying the Reader as "Black Dot #1," the Author then shows how Life is only a wonderful Game of pretending to not be "Black Dot #2,"..... better known as "The Other."

Using easily-understood words and drawings, the Author invites the Reader to discover that they already are "Who" it is that they've been looking for.

After a 1600 word Introduction (which, the Author suggests, the younger Readers can easily skip), the Main Text uses only another 2000 very common and ordinary words to unfold its entire story.

Although most people can read this amazing little book in under 30 minutes, its profound spiritual impact can last a lifetime.

Paperback: 216 pages
Sentient Publications
ISBN:  1-59181-040-X

Your Price:  $14.95

This book is also available as a DVD or as a CD-ROM.

Reviews and Endorsements

"With artful skill and humor, you have gifted us with a deceptively simple expression of profound universal truths." Hyla Cass, M.D. (Natural Highs)
"There are brilliant insights in Chuck Hillig's book. Even one of them could dramatically change your life." Deepak Chopra (Ageless Body, Timeless Mind)
"This is a priceless gem and a basic must-read manual for being human. This spiritual treasure exposes the primordial secret. It's simple and yet incomparably rich; to the point yet vaster than the vast. This is a marvelous, delightful little book." Timothy Conway, Ph.D. (Women Absorbed in God)
"A cute, clever and accurate description of the nature of Reality." Jim Dreaver (The Way of Harmony)
"Joyful! This book is an absolute delight!" Werner Erhard (Founder of EST and The Forum)
"I really loved it! It's quite amazing how you succeeded in expressing very profound ideas of perennial philosophy in the most elementary, simplified and humorous way. I hope that this little treasure of a book will have great success." Stanislav Grof, M.D. (Realms of Human Unconscious)
"An ingenious book! May it help people to see what's absolutely simple, obvious and inescapable." Douglas Harding (On Having No Head)
"I thoroughly enjoyed its content and its fun. Even my ten year old daughter was able to share it with me." Al Huang (Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain)
"This is one book I recommend reading from beginning to end and it will only take you about ten to 20 minutes, unless you go into especially deep meditations along the way. This gem of a book unlocks the secrets of enlightenment with just a sprinkling of words and the simplest of graphics. This book can actually transform and expand your entire worldview." Sharon Janis (Spirituality for Dummies)
"Your book is really wonderful. I only wish that I had written it." John-Roger, Ph.D. (Spiritual Warrior)
"This book may be the best introduction to nonduality available. I admit to getting goose bumps twice in my first reading. What's difficult is letting nonduality be simple. This book is so nonduality-friendly that it neutralizes that difficulty. Chuck's book is for adults and written, compassionately, as though for children. It's a vacation to the Clear and Plain Sky." Jerry Katz, Owner of
"It was a great enjoyment to read this book." Jean Klein (Who Am I?)
"I loved your book! Alan Watts would have roared with amused approval. Congratulations!" Timothy Leary, Ph.D. (The Politics of Ecstasy)
"So what Chuck is saying is this: Consciousness plays with Itself!" Wayne (Ram Tzu) Liquorman (No Way)
"I really liked this book! It is simple, witty and fragrant with the Source from which it was received. A wonderful gift to be passed on to our loved ones." Francis Lucille (Eternity Now)
"Don't be deceived! Chuck Hillig's books look friendly and harmless, but they are swords…and they are deceptively sharp! He writes serious books and they belong in the arsenal of every serious seeker." Jed McKenna (Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing)
"This book is a gem and a classic. It's a powerful yet simple look at the fundamental issue of separation reflected in the perennial wisdom. Chuck Hillig shares it clearly, beautifully, even brilliantly in a format that can reach young readers as well as sophisticated adults."Dan Millman (The Way of the Peaceful Warrior)
"This is a holy book. The lesson Chuck Hillig teaches is the distilled embodiment of ancient teachings from all cultures. He demonstrates a profound understanding of sublime truths." Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D. (The PK Man)
"Chuck Hillig's writings spring out of a delightful clarity which could intrigue and surprise any reader." Tony Parsons (The Open Secret)
"Enlightenment for Beginners is an absolute delight. Its ingenuity in presenting the concept of non-separation is simple, profound and lots of fun." Kriben Pillay, Ph.D. (Editor of The Noumenon Journal)
"This book is absolutely delightful!" Huston Smith, Ph.D. (The Religions of Man)
"This is truly an enlightening book. It affords the reader direct and immediate insight into the Truth." Joan Tollifson (Bare-Bones Meditation)
"I don't usually like books like this, but I really enjoyed yours. Thanks for sending it." Ken Wilber (No Boundary)
"Wow! I love this book! Really clear and simple. The message from eastern philosophy is most accessible to the western mind when it is clear and unpretentious. This book is the epitome in demonstrating this non-teaching." Vartman (Advaitic teacher in Australia and Europe)
"When you have finished reading this book, you will ask yourself how is it possible for Hillig to say so much in so few words. And then you will read it again to try to touch the mystery." Firelands Arts Review (Bowling Green State University, Ohio)
"I love your book! Every word, every line, every nuance in this book is as close to the mark for me as anything I've stumbled onto." Keith Floyd, Ph.D. (Psychologist)
"Through your prose and illustrations, you illuminated some basic metaphysical truths in a fashion comprehensible to the average reader. This book is a lot of fun!" Jack Gariss (KPFK-FM, Los Angeles, CA)
"I found your book extremely interesting. Our ideas have much in common." Alan H. Guth, Ph.D. (Theoretical Physicist, M.I.T.)
"You have taken a subject that can be impossible to understand and made it very palatable." Bruce Stephen Holms (The Timeless Voyager, Santa Barbara, CA)
"This book is an absolute delight. Your work is very imaginative and real." Rowena Pattee Kryder, Ph.D. (Creative Harmonics Institute, CO)
"This book takes on the large concepts of birth and rebirth, the game of life and the inseparability of all things in very light and entertaining way." Los Angeles Times (Sunday Book Review Section)
"I love your book! It has the tang of absolute authenticity. You have my unconditional admiration and praise for brewing up this bubbling blend of art, humor and sublime philosophy." Marcia Moore (Astrology, the Divine Science)
"A very imaginative book: a thoroughly appealing and creative piece of work." Hugh Moorhead, Ph.D. (The Meaning of Life)
"Exhilarating! Thank you for provoking me to source God in my own life." John Nasse, M.D. (Psychiatrist)
"This book makes a serious contribution to the art and science of reconciling the illusion of differences." Elan Z. Neev, Ph.D. (Wholistic Healing)
"This is an impressive work. Although the book is attractive to children, it also presents profound ideas on an adult level so that there is much to be pondered here. It has a wide appeal on several different levels of consciousness." Ojai Valley News (Ojai, California)
"This is an excellent attempt to answer the primordial question of the Upanishads: Who am I?" Benito Reyes, Ph.D. (President, World University of America)
"I greatly enjoyed your book. My joy and blessings to you for your wonderful Spirit." Torkum Saraydarian (The Science of Meditation)
"Your message is very entertaining, simple and direct. It's a pleasure to support like-minded authors, and I truly wish you great success with this book." Paul Solomon (Meta-Human)
"Thank you, Chuck. I enjoyed this book very much." Ron Smotherman, M.D. (Winning Through Enlightenment)
"I enjoyed it immensely. It uses a simple, visual analogy to present very powerful spiritual laws in a manner acceptable to both children and adults. This book is for anyone on the spiritual path." Da-El Walker (The Crystal Book)
"Your book stirs the mind in a playful way and touches some important truths at the same time. It's accessible to young readers and it can certainly create some wild discussions! You have my gratitude for the clarity and love that went into its preparation." Jack Zimmerman, Ph.D. (The Ojai Foundation, Ojai, CA)
"I loved your book and enjoyed reading it immensely. It's very simple and to the point." Jeremiah Jeff Love (Enlightenment Intensive Retreats)
"It is both intricate and challenging in spite of its simplicity; very masterful in its use of graphics." Christiana Duranczyk (Advaitin)
"Your book is magnificent!"Rose Rosetree, (Editor, Pathways Magazine)"This book can help anyone come to a deeper understanding of who they are and how they fit into the world. They can be awakened from the dream to discover all that they truly are." Sandra Marshall (Editor of Information Press)
"This is a great book; easy to read and understand, unbiased and straight forward. It's just what beginners need." Clark Stillman (
"What a wondrously simple revelation of what is so profound. What a simple manual to point to the direct experience that what we think we are is unborn because it never came to be; and who we truly are is unborn because it has no beginning. After reading your delightful book, it's become quite clear that there's nothing to do but go within. Let me know when your next book comes out. Wouldn't miss it for anything." Chris Mair (Advaitin)
"In a delightful way that takes one by surprise, Chuck's book stops up the computer-of-the-Mind. And then you laugh !" Amber Terrell (Surprised by Grace)
"Thanks to Chuck Hillig's deceptively simple yet brilliant book, I predict that enlightening will strike earlier and more frequently!" Steve Bhaerman (Duck Soup for the Soul) a.k.a. Swami Beyondananda
"Chuck Hillig has succeeded in showing us how to join the dance that opens into the light. This is an intelligent and entertaining book that makes a complex subject accessible to all of us. The great challenge to be no-thing is really a call to humility, and Chuck's book helps us find that virtue in ourselves." David Richo, Ph.D. (Shadow Dance)
"An incredible work! I laughed and, at the same time, felt deeply touched by the profound insights expressed in this book. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in opening to the True nature of Self. Thanks for expressing Reality in such a delightful way."Bhava (Enlightenment Intensive Retreats)
"Hillig deftly catapults the reader into inner and outer space. Easy, fun reading and deceptively simple. The book goes right to the heart of who you really are without idle chitchat or esoteric references." Julia Busch (Editor of So Young Newsletter)
"This is a great book whose message is more than it first seems. For the more academic, this is really the heart of non-dualistic Vedanta (Advaita) in a form which can be grasped in a short time. A great achievement!" Bob Ledwidge (Editor of Living Traditions) New South Wales, Australia
"Enlightenment for Beginners gets you to think. Chuck Hillig was able to use a minimum number of words to yield a maximum amount of profound wisdom. His words are forthright and insightful, yet understandable by children as well as adults. This eye-opener is a book of possibilities and it's filled with life-altering truths." Richard Fuller (Senior Editor of Metaphysical Reviews)
"This book quickly easily and lightheartedly explains how we came to believe that we are "separate." I guarantee a chuckle for enlightened readers and a good starting point for those of you attempting to explain concepts of oneness to your children/grandchildren. This book serves as an excellent foundation upon which to build any spiritual belief system thereafter." New Times (Book Reviews May, 2000)
"This book might well be described as a Be Here Now for the 21st Century. Truly an enlightening book! Recommended." The Omega Directory (Book Reviews)
"The Ultimate truth is so simple." Bhagavan's words ring true in this simple, easy-to-read, yet profound work on non-duality. Set in childlike fashion, in fact easily read and understood by children, this book takes one through the experience of the One appearing as many, and is fully capable of completely leading each reader to the direct experience of The Ultimate Reality that is the Self. I've shared this book with others and their experience has been as deep and profound as my own and I would highly recommend this book---in fact suggest it as required reading---for anyone and everyone. Don't let the title fool you for this work is for beginner and advanced seeker alike, and, if read in a quiet place, I guarantee a transformational experience." AHAM Meditation Retreat Center
"Enlightenment is explained in very simple terms that even a child can understand. Hey, for $11.95, that's not a bad deal!" Mensa Bulletin (The magazine of American Mensa)
"We are fascinated by the contents, graphics and theme of the book. It is remarkable in what a picturesque, likeable and instructive way you have presented the process of Self examination. It has brought great joy into our home and into our hearts. This little book will, trust us, have a lot of readers here in Yugoslavia!"…..signed by ten members of the Ramana Maharshi Center, Belgrade, Yugoslavia