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Reviews for "Living in the WOW!"

1.   “I watched Living in the WOW! with my entire family, and it just blew us all away!”    
Keith Holmes, Advaitan
Nottingham, England 

2.  “Chuck Hillig has done it again!  "Living in the WOW" is a won-derfully simple, direct and clear invitation to see what has never been lost. It is a resounding YES to everything. It is fun, wise, and com-pletely liberating. I recommend it very highly!”
Joan Tollifson
author of Painting the Sidewalk with Water: Talks and Dialogs about Nonduality

3.   “Chuck Hillig is the 'Mr. Rogers' of nonduality.  He welcomes you to his rather strange neighborhood (at the corner of Advaita Drive and Neti Neti Boulevard) in a way that is warm and friendly and makes you feel like you have come home. His new DVD, "Living in the WOW" is a great introduction to nonduality by one of its most playful and inspired advocates. In his capable hands, what can be a rather obscure intellectual exercise comes alive with practical applications for calling off the search for whatever it is that keeps bliss always just out of reach. You'll want to watch this DVD several times. Wake up! It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood.”
Tom Crockett
author of One Drop Awareness: Picturing Enlightenment and Nonduality.

4.    “Chuck has done it again.  In this fabulous narrated presentation, Chuck nails timeless spiritual truths in his trademark simple and easy to understand way.   It’s funny, fast paced with many clever word plays that are sure to get you thinking differently.  Two thumbs up only because I don’t have three!”
Chad Cameron
Creator of Consciousness movies: Leap!, The Quantum Revelation and A Course in Miracles: The Movie.

5.   “I just watched Living in the WOW!, and I will say Wow!    I enjoyed it very much. I love the way you are able to get the message across so simply and directly. I can get frustrated with much of the non duality Advaita-isms stuff at times. The presentation was clear, accessible and grounding. It helped to clear many of the brain clouds that form when I have a tendency to wander from this to that in seeker mode and want to grasp at something or anything rather than nothing. I could have saved a lot of money if I watched it awhile ago, but I guess some of the seeking stuff was pretty fun too at times. I plan on watching this many more times and especially when I get some crazy idea I need to spend more money on something or someone that is the next thing I think I have to have to get "there."    
Fran Frankfort, Advaitan
Fredericksburg, Virginia

6.   “Living in the WOW!  is an excellent introduction for people newly discovering nonduality as well as for nonduality sages and veterans who realize they are always beginners.  The DVD takes a stand in consciousness, the ultimate context. The power of the work is in the contextual shift into “The Wow!”
Jerry Katz
author of One and the Owner of

7.  “Chuck Hillig is a genius!  This DVD is lucid, inspiring and great fun.  If you want to wake up to the WOW of being alive, you're going to love it!”
Timothy Freke
author of Lucid Living and How Long Is Now?

8.  “There are many offerings to feast on at the Non-Duality buffet. Some dishes are hot, spicy and complex while others are subtle and
sweet. If you’re craving a tasty dish that won’t give you cosmic heartburn, then I highly recommend Chuck’s new entrée called “Living in the WOW!” 
Paul Saracini
Intuitive Counselor and President of “The Titan Solution”

9. “Chuck Hillig is a master at building the impossible construct, the illusion of the illusion.  When you think you’re all comfortable with a world of shoes and ships and sealing wax, along comes Chuck showing us that none of this is really real and yet all of it is one with the One that is us—or ultimately.  I love his straight forward easy to follow method of sharing even when the subject is slippery and typically difficult to grasp.  This is a video you'll want to view more than once!”
Eldon Taylor, PH.D., FAPA
New York Times Bestselling Author of
Choices and Illusions and Mind Programming

10.   “This DVD is a shower of arrows and pointers…any one of which may hit the mark and shift your context of experience.”
Gary Merrill, Advaitan
Cornwall, England